About Us

Canada Shelter is a Non-Profit Welfare organization having head office in Canada. From our inception, we have engaged in advocacy that aims to provide legal assistance to the people who want to come to Canada.

We are providing legal assistance to the people in Asia, Africa, and Middle East regarding Canada’s Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program.

We are also struggling to address the global unemployment issue by connecting foreign workers and the Canadian businesses. Indirectly we are helping Canadian business owners to invite the skilled individuals to meet the talent shortages in Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide legal help to the people seeking protection and resettlement in Canada. To the people who have a well-founded fear of persecution or are at risk of torture, or cruel or unusual punishment in their home countries.

We want to make sure that people should not risk their own lives or their families' lives by adopting illegal ways to seek safe places outside their country.

We wish to assist the individuals willing to come to Canada from least developed countries. We want to stop them from wasting hard earned money for unbelievable offers claiming guaranteed work permits, free scholarships and High-paying jobs in Canada.

Meet Our Team

Luis Harper

Founder and Executive Director

Luis Harper, the founder and executive director of Canada Shelter, is a social entrepreneur and human rights pioneer and is particularly passionate about Canada Shelter.

A lawyer who has advocated nationally and internationally for the human rights of women, children, and other vulnerable individuals, Luis first became involved in refugee rights in 1992, when he represented refugees in United Nations proceedings in Cairo, Egypt.

Before founding Shelter Canada, Luis was an accomplished human rights advocate. He previously litigated civil rights claims in private practice and with Equal Rights Advocates.

Alphonse Rochon

Senior Advisor

He is an attorney from Toronto. Alphonse supports in the design and implementation of strategies aimed at achieving refugee rights policy change in line with Canada Shelter's policy platform.

His work includes generating documents and talking points for legal and advocacy intervention within the Canada, UN and regional systems. Alphonse also provides strategic leadership and insight on international and regional intervention opportunities and helps manage Canada Shelter Refugee Work Rights campaign.

Karen Lowrey

Legal Services Director

A community developer, advocate and social entrepreneur, Karen is dedicated to seeing the human rights of refugees respected. She leads our Global Legal Services and Community Legal Empowerment programs.

Karen offers bilingual strategic leadership and coaching to our staff, to emerging organizations, and leaders.

Karen is a Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School and is a licensed lawyer in Toronto. Karen speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.